Tent rental at Maessen tenten

Private parties

Saying “I do”, dining with friends and family, or just simply wanting to dance the night away after graduation: Maessen Tenten is the perfect partner for a private party, no matter what the occasion.

Years of experience, a wide range of options and a friendly, flexible team allow us to create an ambient space for every occasion and at any location.

Tent rental at Maessen tenten

Business Events

A business event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company. At Maessen Tenten, we are well aware that a good presentation is vital.

Tent rental at Maessen Tenten

Public Event

Maessen Tenten is an experienced partner when it comes to organising large public events, such as the Uitmarkt cultural festival in Amsterdam and the Liberation Day Pop Festival in Haarlem.

Tent rental at Maessen tenten

Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation can provide a great solution after fire or water damage, or for example when you need extra storage space during peak periods.

Tent rental at Maessen tenten

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