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Icoon tent voor noodopvang en tijdelijke huisvesting
Can endlessly be extended

Jumbo tent

No matter what type you opt for, the Jumbo marquee is versatile and unique.

Flexible aluminium construction

Aluhal tent

The flexible structure of the aluminium tent allows for customisation of the dimensions based on your specific requirements.

A stylish option with visual impact

Pagoda tent

The pagoda tent with its distinctive peaked roof is a stylish option that provides your event with impressive visual impact. This pointed tent has a square ground surface.

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Flex tent

Since its introduction in 2010, the Flex Tent has earned a place among the customer favourites. Traditionally, this type of tent was used by Bedouin people to create shelter in the desert.

All eyes on you

Transparent tent

We have nothing to hide: with a transparent tent all eyes are on you. This transparent tent is assembled from a flexible construction of high-quality aluminium modules and is a real eye-catcher.

Tent rental at Maessen tenten

Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation can provide a great solution after fire or water damage, or for example when you need extra storage space during peak periods.


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Maessen Tenten is an experienced partner for organizing large public events, such as the Uitmarkt cultural festival in Amsterdam and the Liberation Day Pop Festival in Haarlem.


Saying “I do,” dining with friends and family, or just simply wanting to dance the night away after graduation: Maessen Tenten is the perfect partner for private parties, no matter what the occasion.

More information on private parties


A business event is the perfect opportunity to showcase your company. At Maessen Tenten, we are well aware that a good presentation is vital.

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Temporary accommodation can provide a great solution after fire or water damage, or, for example, when you need extra storage space during peak periods.

More information on temporary accommodation


Custom-made solutions on location

When you organize an event, festival, or party in the open air, we advise to hiring one or more tents. To rent these tents go to MaessenTenten Verhuur. We can advise you, take care of the setting up and taking down, and outfitting the tent according to your wishes:

  • Free advice on location
  • Plenty of choices: 6 types of tents available
  • Free setting up and taking down of all tents
  • Including heaters, floor, and sanitary facilities
  • Our tents meet all safety standards

Organizing an outdoor event in The Netherlands always involves one unpredictable factor: the weather. With an extensive range of cover solutions, from atmospheric flex tent to aluminum marquee, Maessen Tenten guarantees you will no longer be at the mercy of the cold, damp, or wind.

Whether it involves a business eventprivate party, or the need to set up a semi-permanent location, the possibilities are endless with Maessen Tenten. A solution is always within reach. Since 1998, Maessen Tenten has shown itself to be a highly valued partner for many events, festivals, and private occasions. Our company takes pride in the quality, flexibility, and innovation. Come rain or shine, you can count on Maessen Tenten!

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Maessen Tentsupply sluit zich aan bij Veldeman Group
Met trots willen we jullie via deze weg informeren dat wij de handen ineen slaan met de Breese specialist in tentstructuren en modulaire infrastructuur Veldeman Group. Hiermee zorgt Veldeman Group voor een verdere geografische versterking, terwijl tentenleverancier Maessen Tentsupply zijn toekomstige groei waarborgt.
Maessen Tentsupply is een gevestigde waarde op de Nederlandse markt in de verhuur en verkoop van tentstructuren voor publieksevenementen, festivals, privéfeesten en industrie; een match met de doelgroepen van Veldeman. Het bedrijf staat, net als Veldeman, voor kwaliteit, flexibiliteit, klantgerichtheid en maatwerkoplossingen.
Als onderdeel van Veldeman Group zal Maessen Tentsupply zijn aanbod en professionele slagkracht vergroten en zijn ambitieuze groei versnellen. Het huidige management van Maessen Tentsupply blijft aan boord en herinvesteert in Veldeman Group.
We kijken ernaar uit om samen onze positie op de Nederlandse markt te versterken en uitdagende projecten te realiseren.
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