Can endlessly be extended

Jumbo tents

No matter what type you opt for, the Jumbo marquee is versatile and unique.

Flexible aluminium construction

Aluhal tent

The flexible structure of the aluminium tent allows for customisation of the dimensions based on your specific requirements.

A stylish option with visual impact

Pagoda tent

The pagoda tent with its distinctive peaked roof is a stylish option that provides your event with impressive visual impact. This pointed tent has a square ground surface.

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Flex tents

Since its introduction in 2010, the Flex Tent has earned a place among the customer favourites. Traditionally, this type of tent was used by Bedouin people to create shelter in the desert.

All eyes on you

Transparent tent

We have nothing to hide: with a transparent tent all eyes are on you. This transparent tent is assembled from a flexible construction of high-quality aluminium modules and is a real eye-catcher.

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Temporary accommodation

Temporary accommodation can provide a great solution after fire or water damage, or for example when you need extra storage space during peak periods.

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